These unique ranges have been inspired by the beautiful region of Matakana just north of Auckland, New Zealand, with its rolling hills, sun-drenched countryside bordered by a clear blue ocean. Aromas in our Matakana Botanicals ranges of room fragrance products have been crafted to reflect different parts of this provincial region.

Mandarin & Verbena

Inspired by the citrus orchards around Point Wells.



Rose & Peony

Just nearby is a gorgeous Whangateau Bay which is well known for growing unique red "Whangateau Red Roses".



Lime & Grapefruit

On your way to Matakana look out for the brick chimney in an orchard which grows the most amazing limes.



Cocoa & Vanilla

This is all about the vibe of the local farmer's market where you enjoy the aromas of fresh coffee and food floating through the air.

The Chefs Room Spray
250 ml
The Chefs Room Spray $18.00 NZD
Code: 330603

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