Coco & Vanilla            Lime & Grapefruit                  Rose & Peony             Mandarin & Verbena

These unique aromas have been inspired by the beautiful region of Matakana just north of Auckland, New Zealand, with its rolling hills, sun-drenched countryside bordered by a clear blue ocean.       

  Our “hero ingredients” in our new body care are pure Extra Virgin Olive oil, Macadamia oil, all sourced from a number of local growers combined with natural Manuka Honey to nourish and soothe. 

Please note we are sold out of quite a few products in this range.

Packaging is gradually being discontinued. Fresh new packaging and design (same fragrances) is due to be launched September/Spring 2022.

Cocoa & Vanilla Diffuser
Cocoa & Vanilla Diffuser $35.00 NZD
Code: 330000
Lime & Grapefruit Diffuser
Lime & Grapefruit Diffuser $35.00 NZD
Code: 330100
Rose & Peony Diffuser
Rose & Peony Diffuser $35.00 NZD
Code: 330200
Cocoa & Vanilla Candle
35 Hours
Cocoa & Vanilla Candle $30.00 NZD
Code: 330001

Mandarin & Verbena Candle
35 Hours
Mandarin & Verbena Candle $30.00 NZD
Code: 330301
Mandarin & Verbena Hand & Body Lotion
Mandarin & Verbena Hand & Body Lotion $19.00 NZD
Code: 330302

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