This unique range has been inspired by the beautiful region of Matakana, just north of Auckland, New Zealand.  Olive oil is proven to be wonderfully beneficial in skincare products with incredible nourishing and moisturising qualities.  At Matakana Botanicals we are using pure extra virgin Olive Oil sourced from our own olive grove and many other local ones.  Combining the benefits of Olive Oil is the aroma of freshly picked limes from orchards nearby, with the final result being a unique range with nourishes, soothes, cleanses and offers a refreshing and uplifting citrus fragrance.  Enjoy!

This unique range has been inspired by the beautiful region of Matakana, which is located one hour north of Auckland. Over recent years, boutique vineyards, olive groves, arts and crafts, along with a bustling “Farmer’s Market” have evolved, making this a most vibrant and interesting area to visit.
Around 20 years ago, our family planted a small olive grove in the area which overlooks the Pacific Ocean and out to Great Barrier Island. With olives you have to wait four years for maturity, thus some patience is required! As we watched our trees gradually grow we also learnt a great deal about the incredible proven benefits of olive oil on the skin and this inspired us to create this range.

However, our olive grove is small, so contributing towards the supply of pure extra virgin olive oil are a group of local olive growers from the Matakana Valley Olive Co-op who are passionate about growing and producing the finest oil. Ross and Maggie look after the local olive press and it’s their experience and dedication which contributes to producing award winning olive oil.
We are proud to be using pure extra virgin olive oil from Matakana. The final result is a unique range which nourishes, soothes, cleanses and offers a refreshing and uplifting citrus fragrance.


So why Lime and Olive?

Fragrance is a wonderful reminder of an enjoyable experience. On the road to Matakana we often stop to buy a bag of limes at one of the local road side stalls.  My family and friends often enjoy a drink we call a “Matakana Mojito”, which requires lots of fresh limes and mint which has a refreshing, zesty aroma. It was this combination which influenced the uplifting fragrance created.


Harvest Time
Most of the olive growers in the area grow the following varieties of Olive: 
While every season is different harvest time is around April/May.  Most olives are picked by hand and then taken to the local press.

Olive Oil Information
For centuries the benefits of olive oil, nutritionally, cosmetically and medicinally have been recognised by the people of the Mediterranean.

Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine, even called olive oil “the great therapeutic” extolling the virtues of daily bathing and treating the skin with oil.

As time moved on, early cosmetologists recognised that the abundance of glycerides and fatty acids in olive oil make it gentle enough to use on even sensitive skin and its antioxidant properties are well respected.

However, not all olive oils are created equal. We feel it is important to let you in on a few facts about this oil we use in our Matakana Botanical ranges.

Extra Virgin Oil
This is the finest quality oil, which has an acidity rating of less than 1% and organoleptic (sensory perception: eg taste & aroma) rating of 6.5 out of 10 or more (International Olive Oil Council parameters rating).

Cold Pressed
A traditional process where the olives are pressed once, using no heat or chemicals to produce totally virgin oil which retains all natural flavours, vitamins and beneficial minerals which can reflect the region it is from (similar to wine). 100kg of olives produce around 10 litres of oil!

Olive Oil and Skincare
• Olive oil is high in Oleic acid (Omega 9) and is therefore a good skin cell regenerator.  Oleic acid assists skin in anti-wrinkling and aging.
• Attracts external moisture to the skin to hold in moisture but allows the skin to function.

Can you tell me where I can buy your lime & olive body butter?  It was given to me as a gift and is the best product I have used for dry legs – and I have tried many.
Megan, New Zealand

I love your Lime & Olive Hand & Body Cream.  I live in the US and have been trying to locate your products for over a year.
Carolyn Washington DC

Lime & Olive Hand & Body Cream
Lime & Olive Hand & Body Cream $19.00 NZD
Code: 300022
Lime & Olive Body Butter
Lime & Olive Body Butter $19.00 NZD
Code: 300023
Lime & Olive Hand & Body Cream Travel Size
Lime & Olive Hand & Body Cream Travel Size $5.00 NZD
Code: 300029

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