Great Barrier Island: Pioneers of New Zealand's beekeeping legacy since 1880.

Nestled in the pristine waters of the Hauraki Gulf, Great Barrier Island boasts a proud heritage as the birthplace of the nation's first commercial beekeeping activities, dating back to 1880. Today we pay respect to the early pioneers.

At the heart of the island's legacy is Manuka Honey, a true New Zealand treasure. Crafted by diligent bees that forage the blossoms of the Manuka trees, this dark and distinctive honey posess a unique and powerful secret - its active compounds. These compounds provide unique natural properties, setting it apart from conventional honey varieties.

In our commitment to harness the island's gifts, we have blended Manuka Honey into this entire range to provide daily nourishment to soothe and repair your skin.

Manuka Honey 1880